from barista to bride | part two

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June 24, 2014 by samanthadanielsphotography

Claire Edwards. Claire Edwards. CLAIRE EDWARDS!

I just say it over and over again because I’m so excited to have a friend named Claire Edwards! Haha, but really. Seeing the name change on Facebook is so exciting. People try and act like Facebook isn’t a big deal… but I bet all 130+ of my brides look forward to the moment they can be recognized with their new last name.

I tell Nick all the time, “thank you for giving me such a cool last name.” It’s such an honor to carry your husband’s name. You are his and he is yours. The best.

I had to get on here and share a few {okay, a lot} of my faves from 06.14.14… AKA “Happily Edwards After 2014″  \\ This day will go down in history as the day that two dynamite people came together and people danced and ate cupcakes and laughed and cried and just celebrated Cray & Glaire {as I sometimes accidentally call them ;)}

SDP_3826 SDP_3830 SDP_3832 SDP_3835 SDP_3841 SDP_3848 SDP_3850 SDP_3859 SDP_3861

seeing the blushing bride for the first time ❤

SDP_3894 SDP_3905 SDP_3909 SDP_3919 SDP_3925 SDP_3932 SDP_3953

just pure B L I S S.

SDP_3975 SDP_3999 SDP_4056 DSC_0265 SDP_4147 SDP_4155 SDP_4156 SDP_4206

Claire’s sweet new niece praying before the wedding ❤

SDP_4222 SDP_4324 DSC_0308 SDP_4361 SDP_4370 DSC_0355

sweetest time of communion followed by the excitement before the big kiss!!
SDP_4399 SDP_4406 SDP_4413 SDP_4426 SDP_4448 SDP_4450 SDP_4455 SDP_4467 SDP_4479 DSC_0417 SDP_4549

During the mother/son dance, Gray’s dad stepped in and he and Mrs. Judy stole the show!


It was the best choreographed dance I’ve ever seen!

SDP_4574 SDP_4575 SDP_4598 SDP_4637 SDP_4641 SDP_4759


and they are off!

So many more words I can say about these two. I look so forward to hanging out with them when they come down to Fort Smith! Call me 🙂

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