Mr. & Mrs. Bill seal the deal!

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June 16, 2014 by samanthadanielsphotography

My small part I played in the joining of Molly & Jeremiah started off with a sweet, sweet reminder from Jesus as he led me to take the first shot of the day.


The cross is so central in Christian marriage. It’s all by His unwavering grace that He instituted marriage and continues to bring a man and wife together so that in this union we may learn the depths of this grace. It’s the BEST thing I’ve learned in the last almost 3 years that I’ve been married to Nick. It’s also the most thing I’ve needed to be shown. Grace upon grace.

SDP_8953 SDP_8962

Something blue ❤


reading hand written letters before the first look.

SDP_8971 SDP_8973 SDP_8975
SDP_8977 SDP_8978 SDP_8980 SDP_8981 SDP_8989

Such a sweet moment in time! If you are curious about a first look, I have drafted an essay {seriously} of why you absolutely, positively should do a first look! Let me know if you’d like some literature 😉

SDP_8995 SDP_9014 SDP_9020 SDP_9021 SDP_9025 SDP_9029 SDP_9031

The officiant at Molly & Jeremiah’s wedding went on and on about how grew these two were. They have given so much of their lives to ministry and there are so many people, especially young ones, that look up to them. They are going to do great things together!


Just simply flawless!

SDP_9041 SDP_9042 SDP_9050 SDP_9102 SDP_9107 SDP_9142 SDP_9235 SDP_9252 SDP_9262 SDP_9364 SDP_9385 SDP_9421 SDP_9443 SDP_9505 SDP_9543 SDP_9553


One of my all time favorite images! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Bill and thank you SO much for inviting little ole me to be apart of your HUGE day ❤

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